About us

The MERO garment is a feeling that gives you the luxury of experiencing the woman with a thousand faces in you.

Péter Merő is a self-taught fashion designer, and thanks to his discipline and dedication, he was able to gain a following in both the Hungarian and international market.

As a ballett dancer, Péter lived in Berlin for 10 years, however, he found his true calling during his years working at the Friedrichstadt-Palast theatre, where his passion was brought to life in the theatre’s sewing room, and it was here where the dream of the MERO brand started. In the theatre’s sewing room, he was able to see the tricks and trades of the profession first-hand and was able to learn about the profession. The handmade couture pieces had a big impact on the brand that he later dreamed of with his twin sister, Bianka Merő.

The birth of the MERO brand dates back to 2014, the opening of its first showroom in Hungary. The theatrical past has played a decisive role in the aesthetics of the brand.

In the brand’s work, the designers have let go of a trend following approach on purpose, instead relying on their instincts, as they believe in long-lasting and classic, timeless pieces with a splash of theatre spices added in.

In addition to the ideologized female body, an important cornerstone of the brand is the timeless- ness of women’s values, authenticity and self-identity. The strength of details lies in the rich and high-quality workmanship of the brand.

The MERO Woman is timeless, mysterious in appearance, liberated and playful. A woman who has self-knowledge and confidence. She loves and respects her body, the same way she cares for her environment, and therefore her goal is not showing off, but self-expression.

A pillar of MERO’s services includes one of a kind, made to measure, „custom-made” pieces, which portray not only the versatility of the brand but is also a hallmark of its high professional knowledge.

The strengths of MERO can be found in the precise, high-quality craftsmanship and perfect cuts in its collection. Furthermore, the waste area is given special emphasis, with the usage of belts beco- ming a trademark of the brand.

MERO creations have been worn by celebrities including Pamela Anderson or Nastassja Kinski, and the pieces of the MERO collection have already appeared on the Oscar Gala red carpet, at the Berlinale, and also both the Cannes Film Festival and Los Angeles Film Festival.